H/F WKND Recap 11.10 and 11.12

It was a hectic weekend for Half/Full and the WetPaper family.

On the evening of November 10th Paperwater played a show with Mura Masa at Club Space and coffintexts was at 1306 North Miami supporting the Brodinski set.

The on the flyers above: To the left is the Brodinski flyer (courtesy of LB) and to the right is the PW/Mura Masa flyer made inhouse by JP of H/F Creative.  

MURAMASA (31 of 37).jpg


EDC ORLANDO: We got to Aaron’s place around 10:30 (ish). I had stayed out late (early) the morning before to see the end of Brodinski’s set at 1306. When we eventually got to Orlando – we were greeted by the Insominac event staff. Huge shoutout to them, the green room was stocked for Paperwater; word is 2 bottles of Don Julio (white) are always in the PW rider.

Images above were taken at EDC Orlando 11/12/17 // photos by Mal