As promised, Wet Paper’s COFFINTEXTS, is back in 2019 with the second single off of her debut EP. Much like it’s predecessor “Juice”, “Bungalow” is accompanied by more striking visuals captured by Poppy Baines. COFFINTEXTS is mainly a producer based in Miami, who loves throwing down eclectic dj sets, and Poppy Baines is an excelling cinematographer currently working out of the United Kingdom. The two artists met online early in 2018, and quickly discovered that their respective styles aligned almost effortlessly. Flash forward to about a year later, they have dropped two music videos together while working on a few more.

We hate to sound corny but “Bungalow” might actually classify as a vibe worth pursuing. Musically, it’s got a deep rhythm that takes us on a near 4 minute atmospheric journey that is both haunting and memorable. Visually, Poppy features her signature sentimental style in her search to capture the defining moments of femininity and wildness.

Although both pieces are stunning in their own right, their unplanned fusion was a pleasant surprise they’re excited to share with us. When asked about what it was like working on something so intimate with someone so far away, COFFINTEXTS mentioned that it has been a “satisfying process throughout, (one) that allowed for vulnerability”. COFFIN credits Poppy for allowing her song to take on a new dimension. The official video is embedded below to facilitate your access to some truly good vibes.

Check out “Bungalow” on any of the major music platforms, and come back around to see what else these artists have prepared with us in mind!