[ EVENTS ] Art Basel 2018: Decompress Gallery Exhibition

Morgan and Cris starting install on the Gallery  Photograph by Shirin Siebert

Morgan and Cris starting install on the Gallery

Photograph by Shirin Siebert

Inspired by a trip to Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2017 the Half Full crew took on a goal for the following year; produce a photo gallery with the amazing photographers we met in Berlin, in Miami for Art Basel 2018. Through much collaboration, and creative effort we found a way to make it happen, bringing three rising stars from Berlin to our home city of Miami to exhibit.  Each artist displayed work that highlights youth culture internationally, as well as their own personal photographic styles. We decided to call the exhibition, Decompress. 

Curated and hosted by Takeout Agency’s Cris Cordero; the gallery took place inside of Balagan Art Space and was produced by Morgan Bryson and the rest of Half Full Creative. 

Included in the exhibit was Anessa Kay  from New York City; displaying a video art piece that culminated her love of photography, fashion, and social media interaction. Shirin Siebert from Berlin, Germany who displayed her photos from her travels around the world highlighting Nigeria, Berlin, and New York City. Agatha Powa from Berlin, Germany as well who displayed her most recent exhibition 27: Notting Hill Carnival which was a look into the beautiful youth culture in London. Sally Hunter from Miami, who presented her exhibition Dogma; a look into the true Miami culture through stylistic raw portraits. Also from Berlin, we had Caro Siegl who exhibited her collection; The Tarot. A fantastical take on her self portrait through a Tarot reading that she received and portrayed through theatrical framed portraits. 

Photograph by Shirin Siebert

Photograph by Shirin Siebert

Written By: Morgan Bryson - Artist and Coordinator for Half Full Creative