I'll Explain Later... Kidnapped by RedBull + @Brekone: Form x Function


a Half/Full Feature

Story + Images by Mal

Edited by: Etenish Abebe



And this is how it started.  I received a semi-mysterious text message from Brek, not unusual considering I shoot events for RedBull now and then. This time was different though. No event information, no shot list – nothing. He just told me “Be at the W at 7:30” and “bring your camera”

So I did.

When I got to The W, I was greeted by an open bar (beverages courtesy of RedBull) and a few familiar faces. The guests for the evening’s event were a mix of Boston-based  creatives, musicians and hustlers. I think everyone was just as confused as I was; nobody seemed to know the agenda for the evening. The only things we were sure of were that there would be a dinner, a steady supply of RedBull spiked drinks and that there was a single common thread – we were all summoned by Brek.

“So how do you know Brek?”

When all of the guests finally arrived, we were instructed to go outside. Waiting for us were two blacked out sprinter vans – the kind a moderately successful rapper would use to go on tour. When I saw the vans I knew it wasn’t going to be a regular Thursday night.

After driving for about 30 minutes of driving we finally got it out of the driver that we were going to Lawrnece – what we were going to be doing was still very much a mystery but when we pulled up to what look liked an abandoned button factory Christmas was convinced Brek brought us out to the boonies to kill us

Christmas: “Did you bring a pistol”

Me: “Nah”    

We all walked into this factory confused as hell. The hosts of the event  greeted us upon our arrival, but they said nothing. The groups then piled into freight elevators and were brought several floors up.  

The doors of the elevator opened and we were led into a massive art gallery. I could hear “Songs for Women” by Frank Ocean playing in the background. Mounted on the walls were large art pieces with a glossy metallic finish. It was clear now that we had reached our final destination. Beyond the gallery we were sent into a dining room. A long candle-lit table, completely set, was waiting for us in the middle of the space. There was a full bar, DJ (Yvng Pavl of cllctv.us) and a complete buffet including an assortment of deserts.

Brek finally told us that we were participating in a very special event – From x Function. The point of the exercise was to keep the guests in the dark about the plan for the evening in order to achieve a truly unbiased and organic experience.

As a concept, I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like Form x Function. It was an incredible event and a great reminder to stop worrying about knowing “the plan” and just be open to all the possibilities of what could be.

Special shoutouts to:




& everyone who attended/helped make the event happen

Form x Function 2018

Form x Function 2018

Malakhai Pearson