Neon Prayers delivers "Incomplete" ahead of Glass EP

Lucas Morelli, publicly known as Neon Prayers, is a Miami-based producer who specializes in dabbles in all areas of the electronic genre including RnB, Trip Hop, House, and Synthwave. As far back as high school, Morelli has had a passion for making music and was producing original tracks by eighteen. Drawing influences from artists like James Blake, Lapalux, and Submotion Orchestra, he quickly discovered his own distinctive musical style and sound. What started as a small operation releasing his personal tracks on Soundcloud for close friends steadily grew into a much larger platform, with his music now available on all streaming services. His debut single “Human Nature” was released this past January and his most recent track “Incomplete” is the lead single off his latest EP titled “Glass”.

Incomplete reminds me of James Blake scoring a independent movie for Nowness. The cords are huge and carries the track throughout. It is a nighttime soundtrack and perfect for cruising after a long day.



Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

  • I can’t remember music titles or lyrics very well. Including my own. I usually remember music by a certain part or a very specific lyric that usually isn’t the title at all. It’s very funny or very embarrassing depending on the context.

When did you decide to start the Neon Prayers project? 

  • Neon Prayers began in 2016 as a hip hop production side project. Coming from playing in bands for years prior, it was originally my way of allowing myself full freedom to write music the way I wanted to rather than having it be collaborative effort for different groups and projects.

What kind of style would you say your music resembles?

  • I would classify it generally as electronica, but in reality, I have songs that range from hip hop, experimental, RnB, disco, drum and bass, and house. I have always tried to have my music be a melting pot of different inspirations and styles.

What kind of mark do you want to leave on listeners after hearing your music?

  • With most of my music, there is a story to each song. I try to create a soundscape that will place the listener in the headspace I was in while writing that particular part. I want listeners to be able to take an electronic track or even a track with lyrics and be able to feel like this music could be the soundtrack to their lives even without any lyrical context. I want listeners to feel like they have been dropped in their own movie or TV show and my music is their backdrop.

What is your ultimate goal when creating a new track?

  • I write my music in a very linear fashion. I will go in with an idea and expand forward in any direction I feel the song needs to go in. I’m never really sure what my end goal with any particular track is until I get there. I have had songs change course during a mixdown because I heard a different direction for the song. My music is subject to change up until I release it.

What is your goal for the end of 2019?

  • By the end of 2019, I hope to have Neon Prayers playing shows and potentially touring. I have been writing music for the past 3 years for myself and I’m ready to have as many people hear it as possible now.

How would you say you differ from the rest of the industry?

  • I have a had a varied musical background which allows me some unique perspectives approaching production and song writing. I began drumming in hardcore and metal bands as a high schooler but eventually decided I wanted to be an audio engineer in college. My family life was also very musical with my father being a jazz guitarist. My engineering work allowed me opportunities to work with genres such as folk and country to Miami bass and radio pop. From my background as a drummer and engineer as well as my family life and my own personal goals, exploring a wide variety of musical tastes has pushed my own music to be just as fluid and evolve accordingly.

What's been the most memorable moment so far in your journey?

  • Some of my most memorable moments have been when people I respect have told me and reassured me about the quality of my music. It really is a different position to be in to have someone who’s supposed to be teaching you or guiding you in some way tell you personally “hey, I think your music is really good”. It’s like being star struck but by someone you’ve known and have been working with for a while.

What's the toughest part about trying to push boundaries in music?

  • The toughest part is always the inevitable comparisons to other music and other artists. People rush to classify music and in turn it throws me into a cycle of not feeling adequate enough with my music. I feel like there’s a standard set with how I need to write my music and i have to take a step back and remember what my original vision for the project was.

When can we expect the next Neon Prayers release? 

  • The next Neon Prayers release is planned for release late summer/early fall 2019.