The LOFT enlist Nick Leon and Rocci on "Glass Walls"

“I heard this single on a private playlist from The LOFT a few months ago and I am so happy to hear it out. He enlisted Space Tapes label head Nick Leon and Rocci on production, and delivered a great flow throughout”

The main hook and chorus have a great feel and it reminds me of intergalactic space travel. Very excited to hear his upcoming work. Check out his last single “Lonely Boy” a candid representation of loneliness in Miami.


Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know….

  • If music doesn't work out, I'm moving to England or Spain to manage lower division soccer and move up the through the ranks. I’m obsessed with the sport, tactics and would love that career. I also photograph for a project called Tonight's Muse which is my own and I'm writing a novel.

When did you decide to start The LOFT project?

  • The LOFT was started back in 2013 by myself and producer Jose Machin. The metal band we were both in collapsed and what started as just making music for fun turned into a 14 song mixtape about a tragic relationship, the rest is history.

What kind of style would you say your music resembles?

  • We got into this long ago so back in 2012-2014 we were really heavily following internet culture, and much of our sound was modeled as alternative R&B, post-dubstep, ethereal dark shit. Since I’m on my own now, I’m modeling the sound towards all of my influences. There’s a lot of ’80s, rock, alternative. I’m just blending all the things I like into one sound. Most of it still goes back to soul but in many different variations.

What's been the most memorable moment so far in your journey?

  • There’s so many, the Miami scene has blessed me with so many amazing moments. From my first show at The Void back in 2014, to iii Points 2015, the Bardot days to all of the friends I’ve made in studio sessions, to all the people I’ve worked with and friends that I’ve made but one of my most memorable had to be when our first single was released ‘Rain’. We were doing a PR push with this firm out in London and the track started getting written about, back when blogs were a thing. It felt good, the attention, the acknowledgment, the articles, the first interviews. It was the first piece of validation I didn’t know I needed, and it really cemented the idea that this is what I wanted to do.

What do you like most about the Miami music scene?

  • How open it is, I was in a different scene years ago. A couple of us who are still around today were in the Rock scene, it was amazing, a lot of shows, a lot of support and really good fucking times. Show pre-sales and selling demos at shopping malls; our scene now is not much different, it’s just really heightened. We’re older, the venues are cooler, we’re crazier and we’re forever expanding. I love how diverse we became, how inclusive our scene is and how most people are down to link up and show support. I love how many people are fucking killing it and repping the city while doing it.

Any music acts that you have your eye on?

  • The same acts who’ve been on a crazy wave for the last couple of years, my friend Twelve’Len, my boys in Paperwater and the whole Half Full team. Curry, Pouya, and one of my best friends who recently moved down here from LA, Rocci; he’s producing all of Pouya’s shit, and Boobie. His own music is absolutely breathtaking and a true breath of fresh air.

When can we expect the next The LOFT release?

  • There have been two singles released from the new album “INFATUATION”, the next single should be out late June, early July. Then one more single will follow; The album itself will be out by the end of the year.