Half/Full at The VICELAND Bus

VICE threw a party on a school bus and it was exactly what you would expect.

Paperwater got invited to spin a b2b with the homie Jaythursday on the  VICELANDBUS during Art Basel….to be clear "the bus" is a VICELAND activation and it didn't take us anywhere-it was parked outside 1-800 Lucky in Wynwood and that's where it stayed for the evening. The bus is equipped with a fridge (for beer), weed plants (fake), DJ booth and full sound system. It's the high school house party you probably didn't get invited to except...on a bus.   


Our crew climbed into the back where the space was tight but it didn't really bother anyone. PW and Jay started the set and after that it got pretty wild, at certain points in the night the bus would actually shake back and forth…

Later on in the evening one of the VICE interns started handing out red cups to the team-I distinctly remember Aaron telling someone “we only drink tequila” which is true in the Half/Full camp (among other things). PW and Jay played a solid hour long set, just bangers on bangers. When the boys dropped Uzi’s WDYW I thought the bus was about to tip over. It really took VICE to throw a party in a school bus for me to fully appreciate how hard that track goes, shout out to you VICE, well done.

After the “show” our whole crew went outside in the middle of the street to take photos. In hindsight,  probably not the best idea considering just before we got to Wynwood that evening AT pulled up the statistics up of how many people died last year at Basel from traffic related accidents...it was (30)*


The party on the VICE bus was definitely a high of Art Basel for the PW + the Half/Full camp. Much love to everyone who came through and made the experience what it was.


- H/F 2017 


Images + story by Mal

Edited by Young Horchata